Women collecting firewood in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Photo © UN-HABITAT


The Land Policy Initiative or LPI is a joint programme of the tripartite consortium constituted by the AUC, the ECA and the AfDB, in order to make land play its proper role in African development. The programme is Governed by a Steering committee meeting periodically, while a joint secretariat is implementing day to day activities. The secretariat is assisted by an African Task force on land.

After having developed the Framework and Guidelines on land policy in Africa, and got the mandate from the AU to use it in support of national and regional land policy processes, the LPI is now moving toward assisting AU member states in developing or reviewing their land policies as well as in implementing and evaluating these policies. In this regard, the LPI Secretariat is tasked to make available land related information, to build the capacity of member states and other stakeholders in using the F&G, and to improve networking and lesson sharing among African experts across the continent.


A peaceful and prosperous Africa realized through equitable access, efficient and sustainable utilization of land.


To ensure all land users have equitable access to Land and security of all bundles of land rights, by facilitating effective partnerships, dialogue and capacity building for participatory and consultative land policy formulation and implementation and efficient and transparent Land administration in both customary and statutory jurisdictions.


To assist member states in the implementation of the Declaration on land issues and challenges in Africa in accordance with the Framework and Guidelines on land policy in Africa in order to achieve socio-economic development, peace and security, and environmental sustainability.


Objectives of LPI



Mobilize resources (LPI) for:

Advocate for use of F&G in land policy development and implementation

Governance Structure of LPI

The Governance structured of the LPI has been established to provide African ownership to the programme, guarantee inclusiveness of African stakeholders in the process, and ensure accountability in the implementation of related activities. It includes:

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