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The department of Urban and Regional Planning and Geo Information Management (PGM) of ITC works on the linkage of geospatial technologies with both Urban Planning & Management and Land Administration. The department takes the role of people as stakeholder in all processes central, and looks both at understanding the past and the present, as well as predicting and supporting governance decisions for the sustainable future of urban regions and its hinterland. The key focus of the work is on developments in the global South and is highly related to global challenges as recently described in the SDGs.


With the increasing global awareness of the need to document and protect the diversity of people-to-land relations through appropriate land administration solutions, there is an urgent need for expertise to bring together the stronger societal needs and the constantly evolving geospatial technologies. The core of this is the ability to acquire knowledge and apply technical and social skills about the relationship between people, rights, and land; recently described as Cadastral Intelligence. This position will broaden the department’s expertise on relevant geospatial technologies (e.g. (land) information systems, (spatial) databases, web services, mobile apps, big data analytical tools, etc.), while being aware of and sensitive to the societal and organisational context in which those (potentially) can contribute.You will conduct international high quality research and contribute to research networks on geo-ICT for (responsible, fit-for-purpose and/or smart) land administration. You will teach Master’s level coursework, supervise MSc theses and contribute to the development of educational modules and new educational products (such as blended learning and distance learning packages). You will supervise PhD students in combination with a departmental professor. You will engage in acquisition and implementation of consulting tasks for the department, regularly in close cooperation with the Netherlands’ Kadaster International under the School for Land Administration Studies. You will undertake management and administration tasks within the department. You will initiate and acquire new research and education projects.



  • You possess a PhD with a focus on the development and deployment of geospatial technologies in the cadastral or land administration domain or in a comparable domain where people are a key stakeholder.
  • You have an excellent publication record in the field of cadastral intelligence, land informatics or a comparable people-centered application.
  • You also have an understanding for how the social and institutional context interplays with the geospatial technologies.
  • You have broad basic knowledge of the thematic fields of the department.
  • An aptitude for teaching, including lecturing and tutoring at an academic level.
  • A track record in attracting funds to support your research.
  • Affinity with a multi-cultural, post-graduate education environment.
  • You have undertaken consulting and advisory services in less developed countries, and worked as a project manager.
  • You have a willingness to undertake international travel to less developed countries.
  • It is desirable that you can demonstrate experience in working across the discipline fields of the department.
  • An excellent command of English. Knowledge of, or willingness to learn Dutch is an advantage.



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