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Habitat for humanity.svgHabitat for Humanity International (HFHI) is currently seeking a talented professional for the role of a Consultant - Policy and Stakeholder Mapping & Analysis opportunity.The assignment will be under the technical supervision of the National Director for Habitat for Humanity Nepal (HFHN), and coordinated with the Advocacy Manager for Asia Pacific (AP), the Program Lead (Nepal), and the Solid Ground Global Campaign Director. The objective of this assignment is to develop a holistic and comprehensive understanding of land related policies in Nepal affecting vulnerable groups including women and marginalized communities.

The consultant will map existing policies, governmental and non-governmental stakeholders and the kind of interventions that they are undertaking in the area of vulnerable groups property rights and access to land. This individual will also examine the power dynamic and prepare an analysis of all stakeholders to understand who has leverage over land tenure issues both on the government level and on the activist/programmatic level. 

The assignment will be aligned with the three Solid Ground sub thematic areas – the main one being on gender and caste equality, secondly secure tenure, and thirdly Disaster Resilience. It will provide information on the different levels of government and non-government entities by which interventions have been undertaken, the extent of documentation and the gaps that still exist between need or demand and the interventions which HFHN could undertake through the Solid Ground advocacy campaign. This position will be based in HFH's area office in Nepal.

Key Responsibilities: 

- Arrange for an orientation meeting with relevant HFHN and AP staff to clarify expectations on the assignment, identify reference materials or initial data sources on land tenure and gender as well as vulnerable groups and rights to land.
- Review the Solid Ground campaign materials. Carry out a desk literature review of research on land and housing policies affecting women and marginalized groups in Nepal, and a scan of the institutional and policy context within which this is implemented.
- Identify key stakeholders, both government and non-government to be interviewed.
- The consultant will engage and interview Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) partners in this process. 
- Undertake stakeholder assessment, and power analysis/power dynamic to identify the relevant institutions at the national and local level to gather information on their work, priorities and capacity.
- Identify the best options, opportunities as well as any risks for Solid Ground implementation. It will be imperative to find out which key stakeholders it will be strategic for HFHN to collaborate with in the future.
- Probe how existing rights of women and vulnerable groups are/can be made more effective (i.e. how these can be made workable in practice through appropriate land governance systems), unequal distribution of land.
- Present the research output in a user-friendly format identifying the potential entry points for HFHN advocacy work, and other relevant information including contact information.
- Prepare final report incorporating comments and suggestions.
- Assist with planning, preparation and implementation of an event or forum with key stakeholders and potential partners identified through the assignment to present the research and discuss next steps/appropriate actions.

Key Requirements: 

- Preferably an advanced University degree (masters or equivalent) in any of the following areas: international affairs, studies, development, public policy, or a related field.
- Minimum 5 years’ experience in the design, proposal writing, and/or management of land and housing programs, preferably in Nepal or Asia Pacific Region.
- Ability to work efficiently and effectively with project members in various locations and from multiple organizations, including remotely writing and revising the research documents.
- Ability to integrate different experiences, methodologies, and approaches from a diverse range of stakeholders, organizations, and technical experts from multiple sectors.




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