The Norwegian Refugee Council has been co-chairing the HLP AoR since September 2015 and is now looking for a dedicated HLP Coordinator to strengthen the work of the AoR at global level, support the work of HLP sub-clusters/working groups at field level and work across clusters and sectors on HLP.


The Global Protection Cluster (GPC) was established in 2005 as a result of the Humanitarian Response Review and is led by UNHCR. To improve the predictability, speed and effectiveness of the protection response in emergencies the GPC developed a Framework for UN Managerial Responsibility and Accountability for the Protection of Internally Displaced Persons and Affected Populations in Complex Emergencies which was presented and endorsed by the IASC Principals in 2005. The Framework defined the different Areas of Responsibility (AoR) within the Protection sector, including Housing, Land and Property (HLP), and identified focal point agencies to assume responsibility and accountability for each AoR. 

The HLP AoR aims to facilitate a more predictable, accountable and effective response by coordinating and providing global level inter-agency policy advice and guidance on HLP concerns that arise in humanitarian action, complex emergencies and natural disasters. Its overall objective is to facilitate a more systematic approach to addressing HLP issues on the ground by promoting collaboration and complementarity of efforts among amongst agencies undertaking HLP activities and by addressing gaps in policy and technical areas.

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