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Mainstreaming Land Acquisition and Resettlement Safeguards in the Central and West Asia Region - National Instutional Development Specialist 

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The Regional Technical Assistance (RETA) 7433 aims to foster more effective infrastructure development in developing member countries (DMCs) in West Asia, including the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA), by improving their land acquisition and resettlement (LAR) performance. This is accomplished by (i) providing a capacity building program to increase the understanding of governments and nongovernment organizations (NGOs) of the LAR aspects of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Safeguard Policy Statement (2009) and improve LAR practices needed in each DMC; (ii) promoting country ownership of sound LAR; (iii) narrowing gaps between local practice and ADB policy; and (iv) developing procedures and technical tools to prepare and execute better resettlement plans. ADB agreed to support under RETA 7433 a request from the Afghanistan Independent Land Authority (Arazi) to revise the Afghanistan National Land Policy (2007). The proposed activities will contribute to RETA 7433 efforts in Afghanistan by supporting the passage of the law that sets out the principles for land acquisition and resettlement that are closely aligned with policy requirements of ADB SPS 2009, and, facilitating the formulation of a development-oriented land policy in the country.

Scope of Work

Support from RETA 7433 involves mobilizing of a team of experts to help prepare a revised draft Land Policy and road map for land administration and management, consult relevant government agencies and conduct workshops to seek feedback from a wide range of stakeholders.* The team of experts will work closely with the Arazi technical team and communicate regularly with the ADB-AFRM Safeguards Officer. The team will be under the overall supervision of the RETA 7433 Team Leader based in ADB HQ, with support from the CWOD-PSG Social Development Specialist (Resettlement) outposted at the ADB Pakistan Resident Mission.

The National Institutional Development Specialist (NIDS) will support the International Institutional Development Specialist (IIDS) in

  1. Reviewing the current institutional structure of GIRoA for land and water sector focusing on Arazi with its mandate as an independent land authority, and the High Council of Land and Water (HCLW) as the decision making body in the land and water sector
  2. Assessing organizational and staff capacity and context specific constraints
  3. Identifying inconsistencies, gaps and overlaps in the current structure and functions of relevant government agencies, and
  4. Recommending amendments for improving the current GIRoA structure and staffing requirement related to the land and water sector, and resettlement and rehabilitation to be reflected in the revised Land Policy and road map.

* The team of experts comprises 1 Land Policy Development Specialist (international), 1 Institutional Development Specialist (international), 1 Land Policy Development Specialist (national), 1 Institutional Development Specialist (national) and 1 Liaison and Event Management Specialist (national) who will be recruited individually.

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