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Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration (Eng - 2014) Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration (Eng - 2014) HOT
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Land administration is basically about people. It is about the relation between people and places, and the policies, institutions and regulations that govern this relationship.

Land administration systems provide a country with an infrastructure for implementation of land policies and land management strategies in support of sustainable development. In many developed countries these systems are well developed and provide a kind of backbone in society in support of efficient land markets and effective land-use management. In most less developed countries, however, less than 30 percent of the land is included in the formal systems of land registration and administration that serve mainly the elite.

In less developed countries there is an urgent need to build simple systems using a flexible and affordable approach to identifying the way land is occupied and used. The systems should include all land and provide security of tenure for all. When considering the resources and capacities required for building such systems, the more advanced concepts as predominantly used in developed countries may well be seen as the end target but not as the point of entry. When assessing technology and investment choices the focus should be on a "fit-for-purpose approach" that will meet the needs of society today and can be incrementally improved over time.


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