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Construction and Rehabilitation of Water Sources in Area CThe World Bank has found that Israeli settlers living in the West Bank enjoy four times per capita the fresh water resources of Palestinians living in the West Bank and that the Palestinian water budget for agriculture per capita is one fifth that of Israel.  There are many restrictions on Palestinan comunities in relation to access to water and water infrastructure such as water networks, well and cisterns. Palestinian water infrastructure is often demolished by Israeli authorities in Area C for failure to obtain permits which are extremely difficult to obtain. The report provides an overview of the legal, political and administrative regime controlling the water sector in Area C of the West Bank.  It sets out the legal framework with analysis of the various laws, procedures, committees and planning and permit processes necessary for the construction and rehabilitation of water sources, with particular reference to arrangements under the 1995 Oslo Interim Agreement, as well by recourse to international law principles on the right to water.

The report is available here. This report is also available in Arabic

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