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Customary Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in the Gaza StripIt is estimated that between 70-90 percent of disputes are resolved through customary dispute resolution mechanisms in the Gaza Strip, not through the formal justice system.  Customary dispute resolution mechanisms include the use of mukhtars, islah men and islah committees, rabita committees, tribal judges and registered arbitrators.  Such mechanisms resolve disputes on the basis of tradition and customary law and are often more accessible to poor and marginalised communities than formal justice systems, although they may be ill-equipped in guaranteeing rule or law or due process. The report provides background to the development of customary dispute resolution in the Gaza Strip and identifies the main customary dispute resolution actors.  It sets out in detail the various mechanisms,  procedures and principles used to rearch decisions.  It concludes with a review of community perceptions of customary dispute resolution mechanisms and considerations for better engaging with those processes.

The report is available here. This report is also available in Arabic

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