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nplhomeNRC has embarked on a three-year initiative designed to help increase displaced women's access to housing, land and property rights through international and national advocacy. Our evidence base is drawn from NRC's extensive operational experience in 20 countries and includes the analysis of legal cases as well as desk research. The project aims to provide well-researched legal, policy and practice recommendations for the humanitarian community, including practitioners, donors, governments and civil society. In addition, we are looking at our own experience to draw lessons that can help us improve our assistance to displaced women in conflict and post-conflict situations.

This country report is part of the Displaced Women's Housing, Land and Property Rights Project. Other countries featured include Afghanistan, Colombia, Gaza, Liberia, South Sudan. A forthcoming global report will summarise these country experiences and draw wider lessons for policy-makers about the barriers faced by displaced women as they seek to access their housing, land and property rights.

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