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Land Use Planning for Land Tenure Security - International Consultative Workshop (Draft Report) Land Use Planning for Land Tenure Security - International Consultative Workshop (Draft Report) HOT
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lup germanyOne of the tools of GLTN is Land Use Planning (LUP). GLTN has already produced related spatial planning tools but with special focus on urban areas. This time, GLTN, GIZ and TUM are collaborating in the development of a land use planning tool intended for rural and urban contexts along with the development of a related training package. The main focus of this tool will be the role of land use planning in strengthening land tenure security.
The two main objectives of the project are:
i. Building from GIZ’s Manual on Land Use Planning (LUP) as starting point, the Project will develop a robust land use planning tool, with special focus on land tenure security and applications in developing countries, incorporating concrete experiences and good practices from other organizations and countries;
ii. To develop a training package from the enhanced land use planning tool.
Land use planning, particularly the one that adheres to participatory processes and communitybased practices is critically important for various development objectives including regulation of land uses, reduction of land conflicts, food security, agricultural development and community empowerment. The project will benefit considerably from the experience of GLTN partners on these aspects, including country-specific experiences. The Project will therefore actively incorporate experiences and lessons learned from other partners and known organizations working on this thematic area. This workshop is considered as the main platform for materializing this contribution.
The project will progressively transform the manual to a training package, which will be tested by TUM and other GLTN/TUM academic partners in their respective training programs. Once the course has been tested and enriched as necessary, it will be disseminated for use and application by GLTN partners and other interested stakeholders.
This workshop was part of an on-going consultation to identify and discuss key aspects to be included in the LUP tool, with special focus on land tenure security issues.


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