Securing Land and Property Rights for All

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Pro-poor Land Management (Eng - 2004) Pro-poor Land Management (Eng - 2004) HOT
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Abject poverty is the plight of so many of our fellow humans. One in five spends their life in urban slums. One in two lacks basic sanitation. Governments around the world have formally recognized universal rights to adequate housing and living standards. Yet increasing numbers only manage to trade rural for urban destitution. This is because institutional frameworks deny them the opportunities to which we are all entitled.

Lack of access to land, and fear of eviction, epitomize a more pervasive exclusion from mainstream social, economic and civic opportunities, especially for women. Precarious conditions generate poverty as people have no future in which to invest. As their numbers keep mounting, the prospects for our collective sustainable urban development look bleak.


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AuthorClarissa Augustinus, Ulrik Westman, Sylvie Lacroux, Absolute Proof
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