Securing Land and Property Rights for All

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Strengthening Women's Access to Land - Learning Note (Eng - 2012) Strengthening Women's Access to Land - Learning Note (Eng - 2012) HOT
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Equal property rights for women and men are fundamental to gender equality.  However, compared with men, women often face discrimination in formal, informal and customary systems of land tenure (UN-Habitat / GLTN, 2008). Women's ownership of land varies from region to region, but it is estimated to be less than 2 per cent of all titled land worldwide. Research shows that despite greater acceptance of women's rights to land in laws and policies, their implementation often runs into significant obstacles. Around the world, women encounter significant barriers to obtaining and holding land rights equal to those of men; these barriers range from social customs and patriarchal tenure systems to a lack of political will and resources. The commoditization of land and the impact of globalization through unrestricted land markets also disproportionately affect women's land rights. Bringing poor women into the urban economy is still a big challenge; one source of their low status and economic vulnerability is their limited access to property rights. Despite this marginalization, women are also under-represented in decision making and management of land.


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