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From April 25th to May 20th 2016, two free new online courses; the Land Readjustment course and the  Land Market Assessment course will be piloted.

1. Land Readjustment: This course is designed to assist policy makers and practitioners to understand the general concepts and empirical applications of land readjustment, and includes detailed case studies of Republic of Korea, Bhutan, India, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Thailand. It also includes a step by step guide on how to design and put in place an LR project.

Pilot Delivery: April 25 to May 20, 2016 (Apply by April 18)

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2. An Introduction to Land Market Assessment: This course introduces approaches and methods to collect and analyze data on the operation of the urban land market, both formal and informal. It includes a generic methodology of doing a comprehensive LMA, and demonstrates how the findings of land market assessments can be used to make better planning and investment decisions, or for research to inform policy and regulations.

Pilot Delivery: April 25 to May 20, 2016 (Apply by April 18)

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The pilots will be delivered online over a four-week period. Regular deliveries of both courses will start later this year.  With these new additions, the World Bank urban curriculum will now boast 10 courses and will reached more than 4000 participants each year from over 140 countries

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