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Street Addressing and Management of Cities (Facilitated)

April 06th, 2016 - May 10th, 2016

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Cities in developing countries are facing enormous challenges with the demographic explosion and the trend to devolve urban responsibilities to local governments who frequently lack the human, technical and financial resources to manage their city. Street addressing is a crucial first entry point for municipalities, but also to the private sector and the public in general.

A street address allows municipalities to locate homes, businesses, infrastructure, services and municipal assets in order to perform their functions, such as:

  • manage city improvement, plan new investments and program recurrent maintenance (such as solid waste and street maintenance); public assets inventory.
  • improve tax base identification and local tax collection;
  • address land management issues in cities with weak land registration and judicial systems, and where illegal/informal settlements are prevalent; and,
  • gather and manage a wide range of urban information.

The course is targeted at local governments and municipal practitioners. It is organized into five weekly modules with an average commitment of at least six hours per week.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Street Addressing
  • Module 2: Street Addressing Applications
  • Module 3: Designing a Street Addressing Program
  • Module 4: Addressing Zones, Names and Numbers
  • Module 5: Implementation and Maintenance

Target Audience: Designed for Local Government officials, municipal staff, service providers, utilities and private operators, this course is operationally oriented and hands-on. Its content includes step by step methodology, case studies, videos, web discussion forums moderated by experts, basic web tools for mapping and real life applications.

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