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IHS would like to invite you to apply for the the IHS post-graduate diploma course "Urban Management Tools for Climate Change" (UMTCC).
The course introduces climate change as an integral part of sustainability, its impacts and main actions for mitigation and adaptation. In this regard, the course consists of 3 modules as follows: 1) Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation, 2) Climate Mitigation and, 3) Local Climate Change Action Plans.  The application intake closes on 15 May 2015.
Please take into consideration that the application assessment procedure takes approximately 4 weeks. Furthermore, if you require a Visa, we advise you to apply at least one month before the IHS application deadline.

IHS Partial Scholarships
We are also glad to announce that IHS will award 4 partial scholarships to excellent academic candidates. The candidates will undergo a rigorous assessment process and will be strictly reviewed by the assessment committee. The scholarship covers the flight of the candidate and his/her accommodation for the period of the course. The course tuition fee (€2750) remains a responsibility of the applicant. 
The awardees will be informed after 1 May 2015 providing that the application was submitted before this date.
Find out more about the content, application procedure and admission requirements by clicking HERE.

How to apply
Interested in participating in this post-graduate diploma course? Make use of the IHS online application system.

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