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Land Reform in DR Congo gets major boost

An open field in Kinshasa, DRC. Copyright UN-Habitat Alain Grimard

UN-Habitat has secured additional funding for its land reform program in DR Congo. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has signed a grant agreement with Un-Habitat to expand the implementation of a land program in DR Congo through to 2014.

UN-Habitat makes progress in measuring tenure security

UN-Habitat and its partners have made considerable progress in developing a methodology consistent across countries and regions to measure security of tenure. This development follows the UN-Habitat Governing Council resolution in April 2011 to put in place global and national strategies and frameworks extending beyond this objective. Read more...
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Celebrating the Continuum of Land Rights

The Global Land Tool Network of partners joined UN-Habitat in celebrating the successes of the Continuum of Land Rights approach as the more sustainable way of providing security of tenure for all, at scale. The approach, described as a system where different sources of land access and use patterns co-exist, allows a diversity of tenure situations ranging from the most informal types of possession and use, to full ownership. Read more...
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Uganda showcases new land records system at World Urban Forum

Naples, September 2012 - Uganda recently showcased a new land record system designed to ensure that land rights of the poor are enshrined and respected in towns and cities across the country. Read more...
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