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Land professionals' conference highlights GLTN's Agenda

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The Global Land Tool Network bridges the gap among land professionals, manufacturers and the needs of the poor. Key advocacy messages of the Global Land Tool Network were well received by the 1,200 land actors from 100 countries who gathered at the recently concluded thirty-fifth International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) Working Week that took place in Rome, Italy on 6-10 May.

The need to shift towards new and more inclusive and up-scalable forms of land registration and administration - in line with the 'continuum of land rights' principle - was officially recognised by the FIG President Teo CheeHai before an audience representative the diversity of the land sector: land surveyors, representatives of the surveying equipment manufacturers, grassroots organisations and women organisations, academia, government representatives, members of professional boards as well as development workers. [By Ombretta Tempra] Read more...

World Bank Conference Endorses the Continuum of Land Rights

The adoption of the continuum of land rights was one of the main highlights of the Annual World Bank Land Conference, held in Washington, 23-26 April 2012. A continuum of land rights is a system where different sources of land access and use patterns may co-exist allowing a diversity of tenure situations ranging from the most informal types of possession and use to full ownership. [By Remy Sietchiping] Read more...

Key Land Acts to Hasten Reform in Kenya

On 2 May, 2012 the National Land Commission Act, Land Act and the Land Registration Act became operational following President Kibaki's assent to the proposed bills by Parliament in line with Article 68 of the Constitution of Kenya. This new development marks a great milestone in fast-tracking land reforms in Kenya expected to facilitate the social, economic and political development of the country. [By Mary Gachocho] Read more...

STDM Pilots in Mbale, Uganda

Communities in Uganda's Mbale Municipality are currently implementing a new land rights recording system, the Social Tenure Domain Model (STDM). The information system which accommodates both formal and informal tenure rights aims at assisting communities in the slum settlements of Mission and Bufumbo cells in settlement planning and prioritising of projects. [By Solomon Njogu] Read more...

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