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During the FIG Working Week 2016 in Christchurch, New Zealand, GLTN, together with its Partners - FIG and Kadaster - launched the Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration: Guiding Principles publication. The publication is primarily designed to allow a range of stakeholders in developing countries to understand the overall Fit-For-Purpose approach and how Fit-for-Purpose solutions provide opportunities for land administration systems to deliver benefits, including secure tenure rights, to a wide range of stakeholders within a relatively short time and for relatively affordable costs in a flexible manner.

FIG Article John Gitau

Training session on the Social Tenure Domain Model tool. Photo © UN HABITAT/John Gitau

This launch marked an important milestone for all the stakeholders involved in the development of the guide as it was acknowledged as a timely reference for designing country-specific strategies for implementing Fit-For-Purpose land administration systems. Elijah Muyiwa (Nigeria) noted that the publication promoted the recognition of other forms of legitimate tenure within the legal framework. Padma Sunder Joshi (UN-Habitat, Nepal) acknowledged the importance of advocacy and the need for legal reforms. “The guide has come at an opportune time in line with the enactment of a new constitution in Nepal” remarked Joshi.

In an exhibition of its commitment to ‘Securing Land and Property Rights for All’, GLTN jointly organized with FIG eight sessions, which included but not limited to: Sensitization on implementation of GLTN Land Tools at country level; Valuation of Unregistered Land; Initiatives to support to Nepal in building back better in the post-earthquake context including rehabilitating non-formal settlers and risk hazard-prone settlements; Hands-on training on STDM; and, Role of land professionals in the context of climate change and security of tenure in Small Island Developing States.

These sessions and interactions with Partners provided an opportunity for GLTN to showcase and provide testimonials on how the innovative GLTN tools and solutions are being used to address real world issues pertaining to land reform, land management and security of tenure in a pro-poor manner. 

FIG Article 2 John Gitau

Official launch of the Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration publication Photo © UN HABITAT/John Gitau

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