The Global Land Tool Network successfully convened the Land and Conflict Coalition Forum at the One Washington Circle Hotel, Washington D.C. from 11th to 12th March 2016. The two-day forum sought to collectively consolidate, shape and determine a way forward for the Coalition by considering the Coalition’s modus operandi in addition to further detailing of the areas of engagement defined during the Land and Conflict Forum that took place in Nairobi on 1 and 2 November 2015. 

Land and conflict Coalition forum 

A cross section of the guests at the Land and Conflict Coalition Forum 11-12 March 2016, Washington D.C. Photo: UN-Habitat/Ombretta Tempra

The keynote speakers at this Forum included Heath Cosgrove, a Director at USAID and the current Chair of Donor Working Group, Wael Zakout from The World Bank Group and Chaloka Beyani, Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons. Also addressing the gathering was David Gabbindadde-Musoke, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Land, Government of Uganda and Joan Kagwanja of the Land Policy Initiative/UNECA.

The Forum was held just two days before this year’s Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty that is taking place 14-18 March 2016. A side event of the Land and Conflict Coalition is slated for the last day of the Conference where a presentation will be delivered to the participants followed by a discussion of the outcomes of the Forum.

A detailed programme of the Conference can be viewed here