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The Global Land Tool Network (GLTN), together with Kadaster International, hosted a multi-stakeholder workshop on 1st November that brought together over forty representatives from civil society, academia, government, donor community and private sector to discuss on a Fit-For-Purpose (FFP) Land Administration Guide.

An ‘Affordable-Good-Fast’ Approach for Implementing Land Administration Services

The Fit-For-Purpose (FFP) approach provides a new, innovative and pragmatic solution to land administration. The solution is directly aligned with country specific needs, is affordable and flexible to accommodate different types of land tenure, and can be upgraded when economic opportunities or social requirements arise. The Guide provides structured guidance on building the spatial, legal and institutional frameworks in support of designing the country specific strategies for implementing Fit-for-Purpose land administration.

The workshop aimed at presenting the key concepts, elements, relevance, applications and specific frameworks of the draft Guide for Fit-for-Purpose Land Administration and have an open forum through which participants would be able to discuss on its use and application and how to make it work. Owen Edwards, from DAI, highlighted that the most important strategy is to ensure that there is customer buy-in, where the customer could be the beneficiaries such as farmers or community members in informal settlements. Diane Dumashie (FIG) noted that ‘the fit-for-purpose guide is an enabler that will accelerate the development needs of a country’.

As a way forward, there was consensus that the document is unique and timely, and there will be a need for a comprehensive advocacy strategy through various media channels in order to create awareness to its intended audience.

The final draft will be finalized in December and published in March 2016.

An ‘Affordable-Good-Fast’ Approach for Implementing Land Administration Services


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