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Advances in Responsible Land Administration

‘Advances in Responsible Land Administration’ challenges conventional forms of land administration by introducing alternative approaches and provides the basis for a new land administration theory. The book considers contemporary change forces that include responsible technological innovation, post-conflict contexts, rural poverty, rapid urbanization, food security, and citizen participation.

This publication has been edited by Jaap Zevenbergen, Walter de Vries and Rohan Bennett. The book is an up-to-date discourse that promotes the theoretical notion of responsible land administration. The book highlights real cases, provides real data, and introduces novel alternatives to conventional methodologies in land administration.

The book has received reviews from various authorities in the land sector, including some of our GLTN partners:

" … challenges conventional thinking about land administration and outlines key aspects of what fit for purpose land administration looks like. … It reminds us that land administration is not just about security of tenure and the creation of spatial digital data. Instead it shows how land administration in the technological world of today can, and must, contribute to addressing some of the big global challenges."
—Dr. Clarissa Augustinus, Land and Global Land Tool Network,UN-Habitat

"This book is a timely addition to the land administration literature. … It covers emerging ideas in land administration that can be tested and built upon in future work and it includes descriptions of recent land administration projects and the lessons learned from them. There are also chapters on the different areas of land administration that require special attention, such as climate change and post-conflict societies. The publication should serve as a reference for anyone involved in administering land."
—Dr Michael Barry, Professor, Land Tenure and Cadastral Systems, University of Calgary, Canada; Director FIG Foundation

" … timely and very valuable in unfolding the new and innovative approaches to designing land administration systems in less developed countries. By introducing the concept of ‘Responsible Land Administration’ the authors add a new notion to conventional approaches by aligning the administration with the ever-changing dynamics of societal demands. … also a significant attempt to develop a coherent theoretical foundation for further research in this area. This book is needed."
—Stig Enemark, FIG Honorary President, Professor of Land Management, Aalborg University, Denmark

The publication is available from CRC Press.

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