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The Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) is pleased to announce the latest major release of the Social Tenure Domain Model (STDM): version 1.1. This tool, developed to bridge the gap between formally registered land and land that is not registered, is a pro-poor, participatory and affordable land tool for representing a person-to-land relationship along the land rights continuum.

20150721 stdm v.release
STDM version 1.1 includes a variety of improvements and fixes based on the implementation of the previous version 1.0 by GLTN Partners as well as feedback received from the various STDM learning events. Enhancements have been incorporated in almost all aspects of the tool ranging from the installer; dependent software components; data management and document generation tools, as well as the user documentation. The full list of improvements can be found in this changelog.
This release will provide a better, more robust and feature-filled STDM experience.

In June 2014, the STDM source codes were released for easy access on the Internet by both users and developers. In Colombia, Uganda and Kenya, the tool has been applied in urban informal settlements to support the engagement of communities with land authorities in their prioritization of urban services requirements. STDM has been used in the profiling of settlements to inform city planning initiatives in several municipalities in Uganda. Peri-urban communities in Zambia have employed the tool to address gender aspects of customary tenure. In Uganda it’s been used to assess farming land acreage by smallholder farmers while in DR Congo it has been useful in recoding land mediation.
GLTN acknowledges the invaluable feedback by its partners who have rigorously tested and validated the tool during the developmental and implementation stages of STDM.

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