landIndicatorsThe Hague, 09 November 2013

Over 30 internationals experts met and agreed to propose 4 promising land indicators to support the post-2015 development agenda. The four indicators proposed for considerations are:

(1) Perceived tenure security which can be formulated as follows: "Percentage of women and men, communities and businesses that perceive their land resources and property rights are recognized and protected";
(2) Secure land rights, which can be stated as follows: "Percentage of women and men, Indigenous Peoples and local communities and businesses with legally recognized evidence of tenure";
(3) Equal rights of women which can be stated as follows: "Extent to which the legal framework provides women and men equal rights to land resources and property"; and
(4) Legal recognition of a continuum of land rights which can be stated as follows: "Extent to which the legal framework recognizes and protects legitimate land rights and uses derived through a plurality of tenure regimes".

Participants at the meeting also agreed on roadmap to advance the global land indicators.
The expert group meeting was attended by representatives of multilateral and bilateral organisations, governments, research and training institutions, civil society organizations.

The meeting was convened by the Millennium Challenge Corporation, UN-Habitat and the World Bank. The Global Land Tool Network provided the technical and financial support for the meeting.

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