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clts_logo_largeCentre for Land Tenure Studies (CLTS) has been added to the list of Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) Partners on 24th of September, 2013.

CLTS has become a GLTS Partner. By becoming a Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) Partner, CLTS subscribes to the following:

1. CLTS adheres to the core values of GLTN (see
2. CLTS engages in scale-able land tool development,
3. CLTS provides financial and / or knowledge input,
4. CLTS represents global and regional institutions, organizations or networks,
5. CLTS joins the network for non-commercial purposes.

The official letter from GLTN confirming that CLTS is now included to the list of partners can be found here.

As a new partner of the GLTN, CLTS is now invited to the GLTS partners meetings. The first meeting will take place in the Hague, on the 11th -15th November 2013.

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