iyd_picAs the world prepares to mark the International Youth Day on August 12, UN-Habitat this week introduced its #Home is Where We Live Instagram Contest.

The contest, which asks youth to demonstrate what home is to them through shooting photos and uploading them through instagram or facebook with the hastags #imacitychanger, #home and #iyd2013 is pegged on roping in youth on development issues.

"It is intended to raise awareness on youth issues - specifically regarding the issue of youth migration, the theme of this year's International Youth Day, combined with issues we are working on such as youth and land tenure, public space and housing," Douglas Ragan of the Youth and Livelihoods Unit.

Photos or Videos that are of particular interest to the competition will focus on youth involvement in maintaining and establishing a home, accessible public spaces and places for young people, rural youth migration to cities as well as young people establishing businesses, finding work, or going to school. Projects funded under the Urban Youth Fund are great examples of this. Other areas of particular interest include demonstrations of young people working with local authorities to change land use practices and personal experiences or practical solutions.

Youth are encouraged to take photos and videos of these places and upload them to the social media sites, Instagram and Facebook using the hash tags, #imacitychanger #iyd2013 #home along with a short caption.

Authors of the top two submissions will be profiled on the official UN-Habitat Facebook page and website.

For more information on the contest and International Youth Day 2013 visit UN-Habitat Urban Youth Fund Facebook page

See flyer with contest details and join the conversation on Instagram!